Cholesterol-friendly burgers

21 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Burger Recipes

There’s no need to avoid burgers altogether if you’re following a low cholesterol diet. In fact, some burger recipes can actually help to lower cholesterol if they contain ingredients like beans or chickpeas.

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Cholesterol-friendly vegan recipes

Over 50 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Vegan Recipes

Most of the top cholesterol-lowering foods are plant-based, so vegan meals are great for a low cholesterol diet. There’s no need to go ‘full-vegan’ though, if you don’t want to give up meat or dairy foods. I often make vegetarian or vegan meals to get all the cholesterol-lowering benefits and just add some fish, chicken or turkey.

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Cholesterol-friendly desserts

The Ultimate List of Cholesterol-Friendly Desserts

When I first started my cholesterol-lowering diet I assumed I’d have to cut out all desserts because they tend to contain things like butter and cream. But after a bit of research I realised that desserts could actually be a great way to include more cholesterol-lowering foods in my diet.

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Cholesterol-friendly snacks - almonds

6 Simple Foods That Can Help To Lower Your Cholesterol

A lot of people with high cholesterol just focus on reducing the amount of saturated fat in their diet to lower their cholesterol. However, to get the best results, it’s recommended that those with high cholesterol also eat more foods that actively lower cholesterol.

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Quick cholesterol friendly recipes

Quick Cholesterol-Friendly Meals & Snacks For Busy People

As a mum of a young baby, I now have limited time to prepare meals. But I still want to make sure I keep my cholesterol down. So my weekday meals are currently based on really simple and minimal cholesterol-friendly ingredients that I can put together as quickly as possible.

Here are my favourite quick and simple meals that contain cholesterol-lowering foods and are really quick to prepare (many take just a few minutes):-

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Cholesterol Friendly Dinners

What are the best protein sources for a low cholesterol diet?

Some meats and dairy products are high in saturated fat, which can raise cholesterol levels if eaten frequently. Therefore, if you have high cholesterol, it’s best to eat more plant proteins, oily fish, lean meats and low fat dairy products instead.

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Eating less saturated fat to help lower cholesterol

Which Cooking Oils Help To Lower Cholesterol?

Many cooking oils naturally contain healthy unsaturated fats that can help to lower cholesterol when used as a replacement for other cooking fats, like butter and palm oil.

Here are my 4 favourite cholesterol-lowering cooking oils:-
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