Low cholesterol side dishes

42 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Side Dishes

Adding a side dish to your meals can be a great way to include extra cholesterol-lowering foods in your daily diet. There’s no need to spend ages making side dishes either. These simple cholesterol-friendly side dishes are really easy to prepare:-

  • A sweet potato cooked in the microwave
  • Chickpea, lentil or edamame pasta
  • A packet of microwave brown rice
  • Microwaved baked beans (no added sugar)
  • Mashed avocado with lemon juice
  • Tinned chickpeas stir-fried with leftover rice
  • Microwaved frozen vegetables
  • Pre-prepared stir-fry vegetables with soy sauce
  • Microwaved frozen peas or edamame beans

If you have a bit more time, then try these cholesterol-friendly side dish recipes:-

Bean Side Dishes

Potato Side Dishes

Veg Side Dishes

Salad Side Dishes

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