Cholesterol friendly recipes

Over 150 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Recipes

I’ve tried and tested tons of cholesterol-friendly recipes over the last 2 years, and have been amazed to discover that cholesterol-friendly eating is SO much easier and more enjoyable than I had expected.

Here are quick links to all of my favourite cholesterol-friendly breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert recipes:-


Cholesterol-friendly breakfasts

Chicken/Turkey Lunches:-

Fish Lunches:-

Cholesterol Friendly Lunches

Vegetarian Lunches:-


Cholesterol Friendly Desserts

Chicken Dinners:-

Cholesterol Friendly Meals

Turkey Dinners:-

Beef/Pork Dinners:-

       * use extra lean beef mince

Cholesterol Friendly Dinners

Fish Dinners:-

Cholesterol-Friendly Recipes

Vegetarian Dinners:-

Side Dishes:-

Chocolate Desserts:-

Cholesterol friendly desserts

Other Desserts:-

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