Cholesterol-lowering soups

Quick Cholesterol-Friendly Meals & Snacks For Busy People

As a mum of a young baby, I now have limited time to prepare meals. But I still want to make sure I keep my cholesterol down. So my weekday meals are currently based on really simple and minimal cholesterol-friendly ingredients that I can put together as quickly as possible.

Here are my favourite quick and simple meals that contain cholesterol-lowering foods and are really quick to prepare (many take just a few minutes):-


  • High fibre wholegrain toast (see this post) with avocado slices
  • Porridge with apple slices & flaked almonds
  • High fibre cereal (see this post) with sultanas & semi-skimmed milk
  • ‘Alpen No Added Sugar’ with low fat natural yoghurt
  • Seeded high fibre toast with banana slices & nut butter *
  • Rolled oats soaked overnight with semi-skimmed milk & grated apple
  • Baked beans on high fibre toast with seeds sprinkled on top


  • High fibre bread sandwich (see this post) with turkey slices, mustard & salad
  • Wholemeal pitta bread with houmous, falafels & avocado slices
  • Seeded wholegrain bagel with smoked salmon & avocado
  • Canned bean/barley & veg soup with less than 1.5g saturated fat per 100g
  • Baked beans on high fibre toast with seeds sprinkled on top
  • Microwaved sweet potato with tuna, avocado & 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • Rye bread sandwich with chicken breast, houmous & sundried tomatoes


  • A handful of almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts or hazelnuts
  • Oatcakes with houmous or nut butter *
  • A mug of high fibre cereal (see this post)¬†with semi-skimmed milk
  • Ryvitas with apple slices and low fat natural cheese
  • Fruit salad with fat free natural yoghurt & chopped nuts
  • A handful of edamame beans with a pinch of salt
  • Apple slices dipped in nut butter *
  • Half an avocado filled with a dollop of houmous

Dinners – click on links for recipes

*I always use 100% nut butters, with no added sugar or oil – see this post for suggestions.

Cholesterol lowering chicken curry recipe

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