Low cholesterol side dishes

42 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Side Dishes

Adding a side dish to your meals can be a great way to include extra cholesterol-lowering foods in your daily diet. There’s no need to spend ages making side dishes either. These simple cholesterol-friendly side dishes are really easy to prepare:-

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Cholesterol lowering tips

24 Easy Ways To Include Cholesterol-Lowering Foods In Every Meal

I was quite surprised when I initially found out I had high cholesterol because I felt I had a pretty healthy diet at the time. I mostly ate foods that were low in saturated fat and generally got more than my five-a-day of fruit and veg, so I couldn’t understand why my cholesterol was so high. After a lot of research I realised that my diet didn’t contain enough foods that actively lower cholesterol, like beans, nuts and seeds.

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Low cholesterol overnight oats

Cholesterol-Lowering Almond & Banana Overnight Oats

As a mum of a toddler and baby I find that my breakfasts these days are rushed, almost always interrupted and generally eaten standing up. So to make things a bit easier I now have overnight oats most mornings.

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Cholesterol-friendly desserts

50 Delicious Low Cholesterol Recipes That Your Kids Will Enjoy Too

Sticking to a low cholesterol diet can be really hard if everyone else in your family is still eating ‘normally’. So if you can find cholesterol-friendly meals that the rest of your family will also enjoy, then it’ll make things a lot easier.

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Cholesterol-friendly burgers

21 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Burger Recipes

There’s no need to avoid burgers altogether if you’re following a low cholesterol diet. In fact, some burger recipes can actually help to lower cholesterol if they contain ingredients like beans or chickpeas.

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Cholesterol-friendly vegan recipes

Over 50 Delicious Cholesterol-Friendly Vegan Recipes

Most of the top cholesterol-lowering foods are plant-based, so vegan meals are great for a low cholesterol diet. There’s no need to go ‘full-vegan’ though, if you don’t want to give up meat or dairy foods. I often make vegetarian or vegan meals to get all the cholesterol-lowering benefits and just add some fish, chicken or turkey.

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