Cholesterol-friendly desserts

The Ultimate List of Cholesterol-Friendly Desserts

When I first started my cholesterol-lowering diet I assumed I’d have to cut out all desserts because they tend to contain things like butter and cream. But after a bit of research I realised that desserts could actually be a great way to include more cholesterol-lowering foods in my diet, as long as they’re low in saturated fat and sugar.

I don’t have desserts every day, but if I do have a sugar craving then I’ll make one of the desserts below that contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients. I try to stick to sensible portions as well, particularly with the ones that contain added sugar, maple syrup or honey.

Chocolate Desserts

I discovered that chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, can help to lower cholesterol when eaten in moderation. As a massive fan of Lindt 70% dark chocolate, this was music to my ears!

I decided that a good way to enjoy dark chocolate ‘in moderation’ would be to combine it with other cholesterol-lowering foods, to make it go a bit further. So I created these cholesterol-friendly chocolate dessert recipes, all of which contain at least 4 other cholesterol-lowering ingredients:-

Admittedly these desserts don’t taste quite as good as ‘real’ chocolate desserts, but they do satisfy my sugar cravings without hindering my cholesterol-lowering efforts.

I also love these cholesterol-friendly chocolate dessert recipes from other health food bloggers:-

*For this recipe I use 70% dark chocolate pieces instead of chocolate chips, and olive or rapeseed oil instead of coconut oil.

Apple Desserts

Apples are one of the top cholesterol-lowering foods, so desserts can be a great way to fit them into your daily diet. Here are a couple of simple cholesterol-friendly apple desserts to try:-

See this post for other ways include more apples in your daily diet.

Other Fruit Desserts

Although apples are generally considered to be the best fruit for lowering cholesterol, all fruits contain fibre, so will help to lower cholesterol to varying degrees. Look for low fat cholesterol-friendly fruit-based dessert recipes like these:-


You don’t need to avoid eating desserts if you have high cholesterol. Instead look for low fat desserts that contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients like nuts, seeds, oats and apples. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content can also help to lower cholesterol when eaten in moderation, so you can make cholesterol-friendly desserts that combine small amounts with other cholesterol-lowering foods.

I don’t eat desserts every day, but generally eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate and fruit after dinner most days. When I have a proper sugar craving I’ll make one of the cholesterol-friendly chocolate or fruit desserts above, which satisfies my sweet tooth.

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