Cholesterol friendly snacks

Cholesterol-Friendly Salted Chocolate Nutty Oatcakes

Oatcakes are so cheap and versatile – I eat them all the time. I have them for breakfast topped with cottage cheese or almond butter, for lunch topped with tuna or houmous, or as a snack dipped in houmous or with sliced avocado on top. Eating them is a great way to add more fibre to your daily diet, which helps to lower cholesterol. I always carry a packet around in my bag, and have boxes of them at home and at work, and find they work really well as an afternoon snack to tide me over until dinner.

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Cholesterol Friendly Desserts

Cholesterol-Friendly Salted Chocolate Chia Truffles

These chocolate truffles contain dates, nuts and seeds, all of which help to lower cholesterol and provide tons of nutrients. They also contain 70% dark chocolate, which can help to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol when eaten in moderation.

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