Foods that lower cholesterol

5 Delicious Healthy Ways To Eat Oatcakes To Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Oatcakes are a brilliant base for a snack, because oats contain soluble fibre, which helps to lower cholesterol. They’re also low in saturated fat and if you combine them with other healthy foods, you can make a really nutritious, filling snack.

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Cholesterol friendly meals

The Healthiest Cholesterol-Friendly Chicken Curry

Curries are one of my favourite things to eat, so I make them a lot. As I’m trying to reduce my cholesterol, I add as many cholesterol-lowering ingredients as I can to my meals. Curries are great for this, because you can add things like chickpeas, ground flaxseeds and vegetables, and the curry tastes just as good. And the vegetables count towards your five a day, which is an added bonus.

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Reducing cholesterol naturally

The Best Cholesterol-Reducing Houmous

Houmous is a great food to eat if you’re watching your cholesterol. I love the plain houmous you get from the supermarket, but make my own whenever I can to make it healthier, and it also means I can add extra cholesterol-reducing ingredients.

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Cholesterol lowering foods

How I Lowered My Cholesterol In 6 Weeks

After following the 8 steps to lower cholesterol for 6 weeks, I couldn’t wait to find out if my cholesterol had gone down. I had booked in another health check with Lloyds pharmacy straight after my first health check in February, so that I had something to work towards. I was really hoping I’d at least have got my cholesterol below 6.1, so that I’d be in the ‘Borderline-high’ instead of ‘High’ category.

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How to lower cholesterol

8 Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

I got a big wake up call in February. I went for a Vitality health check, mainly because I wanted to complete the non-smokers test to get cashback on my health insurance. I eat a pretty balanced diet, have a healthy BMI (21), don’t drink too much alcohol and I’m fairly active, so I wasn’t too worried about the results.

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