Cholesterol friendly lunches

8 Cholesterol-Friendly Ingredients That Will Transform Your Salads

I used to really hate salads and I would avoid them at all costs. As far as I was concerned, salads meant strips of bland iceberg lettuce mixed with a few chopped tomatoes, slices of cucumber and some sort of oil and vinegar dressing. If I had salad with a meal when eating out, I would invariably leave most of it and hide the remnants under my knife and fork. And I just couldn’t understand why people would want to order a salad on its own as a main meal in a restaurant – it just baffled me!

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Cholesterol friendly recipes

5 Easy Cholesterol-Friendly Recipes

I love cooking, but don’t have a huge amount of time to prepare meals during the week as I commute to London every day. When I get home from work, I have about 40 mins before my husband gets home. So I like to set myself a bit of a challenge to cook a healthy meal from scratch using whatever’s in our fridge, and have it ready for when he gets home. It doesn’t always turn out brilliantly admittedly – there have been more than a few occasions when my husband has had to fake a smile when I’ve presented him with something that resembles the dog’s dinner!

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Cholesterol friendly snacks

6 Tasty Cholesterol-Friendly Snacks

Snacking is a great way to include foods in your diet that will help to lower your cholesterol, like oats, apples and beans. And eating regularly throughout the day also helps to stabilise your blood sugar and keep your metabolism ticking along.

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