Cholesterol Lowering Chicken Recipes - Tacos

18 Easy Chicken Recipes That Can Help To Lower Your Cholesterol

Chicken is one of the top cholesterol-friendly protein options because it’s so lean. Skinless chicken breast is the best choice for low cholesterol diets because it’s very low in saturated fat (1g per 100g). Skinless chicken thighs are higher in saturated fat (2.3g per 100g), so I eat them less frequently.

Here are some of my favourite chicken recipes that contain cholesterol-lowering foods like beans, olive oil, nuts and avocados:-


Chicken sandwiches make a great cholesterol-friendly lunch if they’re low in saturated fat and contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients like hummus and avocado. They should also be made using bread that’s high in fibre, such as wholemeal (wholegrain) or seeded bread, because fibre helps to lower cholesterol.

Here are some recipes for cholesterol-lowering chicken sandwiches:-


Salads are an easy way to combine chicken with cholesterol-lowering ingredients like apples, beans and nuts. Here are some easy cholesterol-lowering chicken salad recipes to try:-


Shop-bought chicken soups can help to lower cholesterol if they have less than 1.5g saturated fat per 100g and contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients like beans, barley and vegetables. Alternatively, if you have time, you could make one of these cholesterol-lowering chicken soups at home:-


There are lots of great cholesterol-lowering dinner recipes online for dishes like chicken burgers, curries and tacos, which means you don’t need to miss out on the good stuff. All of these recipes are low in saturated fat and contain cholesterol-lowering ingredients, so eating them can help to lower your cholesterol:-

* serve with salsa, fat free natural yoghurt and/or avocado rather than grated cheese

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